Centric Solutions (U) Ltd is a Consulting Company with experience working with Government, Non-Government and Private Sector projects in Uganda. It was legally established in 2013. Centric Solutions has focus on ICT Sector industry. We have a foot holding hardware, software and networking spheres of   professional ICT products and services. With quality, innovation and integrity being our core pillars, Centric is able to deliver quality output with the client’s interests put up front.

Our Vision

Internal and external seamless connection within organisations and their partners and customer.

Our Mission

Growing organically through careful planning and application of sound business principles.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: we seek to exhibit the high honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
  • Passion: this drives us to a dedicated performance towards achieving Clients/Customers desires.
  • Excellence: this pushes us to always deliver over and above the expectations or requirements of our business partners.

Business Development Strategy

Centric Solutions (U) Limited provides and actively pursues innovative technologies and new business opportunities that enable our clients to make an effective transition to true e-business environments. The fundamentals of our business are solid. We set exacting standards for ourselves and measure up to them.  In all our work, we are guided by an unwavering focus to our core values.