The Water Supply Database

Centric Solutions was sub-contracted by WE Consult to develop the Water Supply Database. This database provides stakeholders with good knowledge and information on matters concerning the current safe water supply coverage, functionality and distribution of water among others. The database covers all 112 districts of Uganda and Water information from Point Water Sources, Piped Schemes and National Water & Sewerage Corporation.

ICT Equipment Supplies

Centric Solutions is pre-qualifed to supply ICT equipment for organisations such as Makerere University, Uganda Coffee Authority, Ministry of Water & Environment among others. Through these arrangements we have been able to supply laptops. computer desktops, printers, scanners, toners and servers among other computer devices.

The Utility Performance Monitoring & Information System

Centric Solutions was sub-contracted to develop the Utility Performance Monitoring & Information System. This system is designed for piped water supply in Uganda. It provides operational and performance information for all schemes under the oversight of the Directorate of Water Development, Ministry of Water and Environment.

Website Designed and Maintained

We design and maintain  website for various organisation, businesses and individuals alike. These organisation include Government agencies, Non-governmental Organisation and Private Organisation. Our website maintenance is based contractual obligations we agree to with our Clients. Some of these website include, and

ICT Training and Capacity Building

In November 2016, Centric was contracted by AVSI Foundation Uganda to conduct a practical ICT training and capacity building in two (2) Vocational Schools in Northern Uganda. The trainees were the school instructors and thier students. The training covered basic introduction to ICT, MS Excel, MS Publisher, MS Powerpoint and Mobile apps like M-Omulimisa and Luunda Lite.