Software Development

We are able to use our team of experts both internal and external to develop exciting custom made high-performance systems. We have experience and expertise to develop for servers, desktop and mobile applications. With these systems we enable our clients harness the opportunities of technology and the ever changing market conditions derived by the dynamic customer demands.

We are able to deliver with speed, scale and flexibility irrespective of whether your goal is extending existing software or building new software. This service comes with expert advise to enable you exceed your expectations.

ICT Equipment

Our ICT Equipment services covers both purchase and hire of these equipment. This we do within a short period time. These include desktops, laptops, servers, routers, switches, printers, photocopiers, scanners, screen displays, audio speakers, toners among others.

Our equipment services come at affordable prices and reliable.

Computer Networking

With our network expert ‘gurus’, we are able to build easy to manage, lasting computer networks for our clients. Through this we have setup organisation, office and home networks. This also cover both Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks.

Security remains paramount in our network building, hence our network architecture always provides for both technological security using software tools as well as physical security technologies like security access doors.

We also provide additional network services like network maintenance, computer equipment needs assessments and repairs.

Web Design and Hosting

We provide fast and reliable hosting services at affordable costs. Moreover for those designing websites with us we offer great discounts. Our servers are secure and we provide 24/7 technical support. Manage your web account with easy to use web tools.

Our websites are database driven, functional and built with beauty ALWAYS responsive for web and mobile. We use a participative approach in our web designs yet they remain  uncluttered and true to the principals of design. The latest HTML5, CSS3, jQuery form our standard design practices.

Security Gadgets

We provide the latest security systems that enable you monitor your property. These range from motion sensors, surveillance cameras, security lights,  smoke detectors, Glassbreak Detectors, Alarms among others.

Training & Capacity Building

We install office and home networks, provide network maintenance and support and also supply of computer networking devices.Security is paramount with our service.